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          BRVF’s view on non-dharma-adhikārīs transgressing their limits to pronounce their views on Dharma.




Timely reform or revolution is needed, only, where imperfect and temporal laws are made. Sanātana-dharma’s scriptures are absolute cum perfect and eternal – their being trans-human (apauruṣeya) in nature, and hence, the policies propounded by our Vedic scriptures are eternally perfect and need not any circumstantial amendment — unless, alternatively, provisioned in those very perfect scriptures for some exceptional situations. The opinions (Just as some lawyer turned secular politician idiot expressing his views on Bhagavān Śrī Kṛṣṇa’s gopī-cīra-haraṇam incidence and labelling it to be an act of flirtatious eve-teasing befitting an immoral debauchee; whereas, another non-secularist sectarian politician expressing his views on the justification of Sāī Bābā to be worshiped as Paramātmā in Sanātana-dharma. Yet, another non-secularist sectarian politician expressing his view on reformation needed in the Vedic pāṇigrahaṇam saṁskāra etc. – the list of anadhikārīs goes on and on.) of politicians, statesmen, social activists, diplomats and celebrities of all fields (sportsmen, actors, philanthropists, scientists, lawyers, journalists, media anchors, medical doctors, engineers etc.) – no matter how much famous they are — except those of religious/spiritual leaders — hold no substantial value just as how a fine arts’ student’s opinion in the matter of medical science holds no damn worth. Even if a dharma-guru/dharma-ācārya/dharma-adhikārī (either a self-styled godman or that hailing from a conventional classical lineage) pronounces any notion not in alignment with the eternal Vedic scriptures of Sanātana-dharma, his opinion should be neglected, as well, for śāstra is the sole evidence, ācārya is just its interpreter, propagator and implementer (“ācinoti yaḥ śāstrārtham ācāre sthāpayaty api / svayam ācarate yasmād ācāryas tena kīrtitaḥ //” – Vāyu-purāṇam). Hence, pondering over the futile opinions of entities who have transgressed their adhikāra/eligibility to speak on matters they do not have authority in — is tantamount to give them (such futile trespassers) emphasis, importance, due recognition and highlight. It should be avoided, wholly, for the welfare of Sanātana-dharma; if their mentally retarded opinions do not receive any attention, they will, gradually, understand their actual position – after their intoxicated stage terminates.




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— Bhakti-rasa-vedānta-pīṭhādhīśvara Gurupādācārya Svāmī

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