Agnosticism symbol 2nd

Severe logical taunting done on Western materialistic/animalistic/Communistic/Secularist beliefs bereft of Vedic spirituality

Big achievements in material life minus spiritual progress is an ultimate zero as worth as a crow’s stool — a bitter fact — for, the quadruple materialistic acts of eating, sleeping, mating and defending are same in both 4 legged animals and a two legged human (“आहारनिद्राभयमैथुनञ्च…..धर्मो हि तेषामधिको विशेषो…” – Hitopadeśa). The only way a human can be established as a superior mammal to an animal is through the peculiarity of religion and spirituality– concepts not present and not understandable by souls in non-human species even is taught in the animal language (except for great saintly souls who entered animal species due to a sudden fall down from the mystical path). Do you have any rational argument to counter ours? If so, please provide. Or else, do accept a logical defeat.

Additionally, Vedic culture advocates the concept of ‘artha-prāptiḥ’ or economical progress through ‘dharma-anuṣṭhānam’ or religious act. Hence, the concept of quadruple obtainable objectives in a sequence — ‘dharma’ (religious piety as depicted in Mānava Dharmaśāstra etc.), ‘artha’ (economical prosperity, collectively, achieved through Vedic governance + warfare + commerce + agriculture + politics as depicted in Kauṭilya Arthalśāstra), ‘kāma’ (sensual satisfaction as depicted by Vātsyāyana Muni in the Kāma-sūtram & by Rājarṣi Pururavā in the Paururavas Manasija Sūtram etc.) & ‘mokṣa’ (as depicted in Śrīmad-bhagavad-gītā etc.)’. {All these quadruple Vedic objectives are, vividly, described in Mahābhārata, especially.} And for how to obtain ‘artha’ through ‘dharma’, the Kauṭilya Artha-śāstra by Viṣṇugupta Cāṇakya is written in Kaliyuga for the ease of the comprehension of the subject.

However, the Western Secularist non-religious agnostic concept of separating Church from the State & separating dharma from the artha & kāma– is a non-Indigenous non-Vedic heterodox Western/Occidental concept superimposed on Vedic Bhāratīya Āryans by brainwashing them through the cow-eater yavana McCaulay-introduced educational system in Bhārata post-1835 AD under the direct orders of the Victorian English Crown and its boot-lickers — by replacing the Oriental Gurukula-styled education with their Western one and thus, making Anādi-viśvaguru (Universal Guru) Bhārata — the intellectual servant of the West.

The ironical fact is that even the Indigenous atheistic doctrine called ‘Cārvākīya Lokāyatika Nāstikya Darśanam’ is, far more philosophically & rationally, built than your Western Agnosticism. Anything Indigenous is far superior than anything Occidental & Middle-eastern and non-Indigenous Oriental — for, the first city of human civilisation is, neither, Harappa & Mohenjo Daro of Indus Valley (Sindha Province now in Pakistan) & neither, the Taxila/Takṣaśilā (Gāndhāra Province now in Pakistan/Afghan Border), but, is the City of Light/Knowledge alias Kāśī (Vārāṇasī or Benares — Āryāvartta, Bhārata). Kāśī existed prior to the Greek, Egyptian & Roman societies & prior to the Sino Red Dragon!

As far as your argument of non-existence of God is concerned, if a small automobile pre-necessitates an automaker, how can this vast universal cosmos is built without a mastermind engineering architectural brain in its background?

If you counter-argue saying — “If any such living creator exists, why he is not visible or experienced?” — To your irrational contention, our polemical proposition runs thus — “Indeed, such a Creator is great without a second parallel competitor (एकमेवाद्वितीयं ब्रह्म / जन्माद्यस्य यत: — Upaniṣads & Brahmasūtram) that He reserves full autonomous autocratic sovereign prerogative to not display Himself to those finite creatures of illogical brains who cannot accept a, logically, proven fact that a creator is required to bring the cosmos into existence. However, to the spiritualists dedicated in devotion to this Universal Monarch viz., the God (parameśvara), this God reveals Himself. (“…तस्यैष आत्मा विवृणुते तनुं स्वाम्” – Upaniṣads).”

If you further counter-argue saying — “Then, such a Creator, too, requires another source besides Himself as His origination — thus resulting into the philosophical fault of infinite regress or ‘an-avasthā-doṣaḥ’!” — To this, our counter-proposition is — “To avoid such infinite regress, there is required an endpoint of primeval origination and that endpoint is Absolute Godhead Himself — for, if He is, truly, an absolutely perfect complete whole (“ॐ पूर्णमद:….” – Īśāvāsyopaniṣad) without dependence on any other source besides Himself (parama-svataḥ-siddha-svarūpa an-ādi para-brahma), His origination from any other exterior source is, logically, unacceptable and hence, He is known as ‘an-ādi para-brahma’ in the Vedic literature. He is such a beginning-less yet ever-existing entity Who is not dependent on any foreign source — because, any such foreign source doesn’t exist due to the fact He is bereft of the triple hypothetical possibilities of sva-gata-bhedaḥ/self-difference/internal difference + sa-jātīya-bhedaḥ/intra-difference + vijātīya-bhedaḥ/inter-difference — due to His ‘advaya-jñāna-svarūpatva’ (Śrīmad-bhāgavatam — “वदन्ति तत्तत्वविदस्तत्वं यज्ज्ञानमद्वयम्”).

Likewise, for similar logical reasons, Godhead is accepted as the logical sustainer & destroyer of the manifested cosmos – all analysed by Navya-Naiyāyika School of Vedic philosophy. Vedāntins accept Absolute’s existence on the strength of svataḥ-siddha-anya-nirapekṣa-śabda-pramāṇa-bhūta veda-śāstra.”

Dear atheistic Communist brethren,

Your argument of all men born equal is incorrect, for if so, we wouldn’t be seeing a one of the two human babies being born as an orphan poor child & the other with a golden spoon in mouth in a royal harem. What is the cause of this difference in their births’ social conditions? The Vedic answer is their pūrva-janma-kṛta-śubhāśubha-karma-phalam. In this way, though unwilling, you are bound/compelled to accept the Vedic doctrine of re-incarnation (punar-janma-vādaḥ) & the doctrine of action-reaction (karmānusāri-phala-vādaḥ).

Until you cut our arguments, your blabbering will be considered defeated. Debate is for the healthy emergence of truth. Not wasting of time.

Whatever everybody thinks is not right. If it is day in some particular geographical region, one cannot say that it is night in that region at the same time. When ideological conflicts occur, debates decide the truth. We have cut your arguments. Now, you need to cut ours if you want to establish your opinion as true. Otherwise, even 1+1=3 will have to be accepted as truth if your speculation that whatever anyone and everyone says is true.

You are certainly free to live your animalistic life centred around four animalistic activities of eating, sleeping, mating and defending. No big deal as what you are doing is, already, done by 4 legged animals in their own way. You are nothing special if you engage in those same activities. No need to be proud. No special achievement. Sorry, but truth is bitter.

We better accept you win, rationally, in a debate with us rather than we win, irrationally, without a debate with you, our agnostic brethren!

Sorry, for disturbing your precious peace of pound-shilling & pence + merry, eating, sleeping & dancing with the kith and kin! But, spiritualists are not irrational and mentally retarded out of track people — we wanted to show you this because, generally, materialistic non-religious flock is, too, proud of its intellectual achievements. However, our logic stands piercing its achievements. Thank you for your kind patience. Farewell.

— Gurupādācārya Svāmī


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