​प्रश्नोत्तरमाला – ७म (१० जिज्ञासाएँ उपशमित) / Question + Answer Series – 7th (10 queries quenched)

[Meant for electronic mass circulation in all 30+ BRVF related cyber forums on internet]


New questions by participants will be answered only if they fulfill following conditions —

(I) Feedback must be given after the queries have been solved/answered.
(II) Questions need to be asked with full respect, humility & specificity of the philosophical subject.


Various theological queries + replies + feedbacks + testimonials (in Hindi + Sanskrit + English languages) from ‘BRVF – Vedanta – 1st + 2nd + 3rd + 4th’ regular groups on the WhatsApp cyber platform —

Section A — Interactions from followers —

1) [09/12, 19:25 as per PST] Engineer Mr. Rahul Kambhampati – Hyderabad, Telangana + Pune, Maharashtra, Bharata + Tennessee, USA (+91 9849789300): 

“My humble obeisances to Acharya Sri.

Sri Rama Krishna Gaura Hari
My feedback to the reply given by acharya sri
Thank you for answering my query. I am currently reading madhurya kadambini that’s why that query have sprouted.I was under the impression that unless we are freed from anarthas we cannot get ruchi or taste but after you answered my  query i understood that I am progressing towards the right path and will soon taste the nectar of ruchi stage”

2) [09/12, 20:31 as per PST] Ram-Kathavachaka FB Thakur Mr. Kaushalendra Singh — Ayodhya, Faizabad, Awadh Region, East UP, Bharata (+91 9453663909 / +91 9695047128): 

“Pranam mahraj ji..🌹🙏🏻🌹”

3) [09/12, 22:19 as per PST] ‪Mr. Aryan Paladin — Srilankan Tamilian lands & Singapore (+65 9060 3615)‬: 

“Thank you Swamiji for your enlightening answers to these many spiritual conundrums. 🙏🏼🕉🙏🏼”

4) [09/12, 22:35 as per PST] Mr. Aditya Mishra — Northern Bharata (+91 8982763211): 

“Thank you Swamiji”

5) [10/12, 08:18 as per PST] Dr. Kundan Chaudhuri — West Bengal – V.V. Nagar, Anand, Gujarat, Bharata (+91 9879827202): 

“Jay Shree Krishna🙏🙏🙏”

6) [10/12, 08:21 as per PST] Mr. Aryan Paladin — Srilankan Tamilian lands & Singapore (‪+65 9060 3615)‬: 

“Pranams Swamiji 🙏🏼

My question is:

There are many neo-Gaudiya organizations who encourage persons of mleccha birth to wear janeu & to consider themselves to be “Brahmins”. Some of these mleccha born “Brahmins” even conduct Vaidhik rituals like Yajna, etc. I would like to know if this practice is supported by Vedic Shastras & Vaishnava Acharyas in any way? Thank you Swamiji. 🙏🏼”

7) [10/12, 09:08 as per PST] Entrepreneur Director (Brand Sparrow) Mr. Shishir Katote R – Pune, MH, Bharata (+91 9765730977): 

“Thank you Acarya Sri for enriching answers. I will come back with further queries.”

8) [10/12, 19:15 as per PST] Police Officer Mr. Satish Kumar Rajak – Kurukshetra, Haryana, Bharata (+91 9468182368): 

“जय श्री राधे कृष्णा की सुप्रभात स्वामी जी”

9) [09/12, 20:59 as per PST] Mr. Kishor Pathak — Maharashtra, Bharata (+91 9890495045): 


10) [10/12, 04:56 as per PST] Mr. Vasu – Bangalore, Karnataka, Bharata (+91 9743599954): 

“Swami, we undergo pain and sorrow because of our previous karma. Will the same punishment will continue in the next karma?”

11) [10/12, 00:29 as per PST] College Student Miss Vaishnavi Prajapati – Farrukhabad, West UP, Bharata (+91 8979310510): 

“Hare Krishn achary shree! You explained very well regarding Krishna and Radha of braj and krishna and Radha of Golok

Pranam achary shree! I m blessed.”

12) [10/12, 08:32 as per PST] Acharya Shyam Ramanuj Foundation / Shami Singh — Sidhdata Centre — Durban, South Africa (+27 817631850): 

“Guru narayan. Thank you very much. Jai Gurudev.”

13) [10/12, 23:18 as per PST] College Student Mr.  Mohit Sharma – Panipat, HR, Bharata (+91 8929686619): 

“जय हो महाराज जी– अति उत्तम समाधान दिया आपने– आपके चरणो मे बारंबार प्रणाम:)🌺🙏”

14) [11/12, 21:23 as per PST] Madam Mrs. Kusum Verma – Punjab & New Delhi + Lucknow,  Awadh Region, East UP, IN (+91 9415403867): 
“Guru Jee pranam,why some people read Geeta’s15th Chapter when someone is taking his last breath.(at the death time)”

15) [13/12, 01:37 as per PST] Engineer Mr. Pratyush Mehrishi ‘Pushtimargiya’ (Mathura, Vraja Region, West UP & Pune, MH, IN ‪(+91 831 999 3638)‬: 
“Sadainya bhagwat amaranth acharyashri🙏🏼

Is patan ko rokne ka Koi upaay hai?

अस्तु रोकने की चेष्टा करनी चाहिये  या कलि का प्रभाव मान स्वीकार कर लेना चाहिये???”

16) [13/12, 05:21 as per PST] CA Mr. Lalit Goyal – Kurukshetra, HR & New Delhi, IN (+91 8178230678): 
“Jai Guru dev”

17) [14/12, 05:27 as per PST] Teacher Mrs. Rekha Tiwari ‘Saryuparin’– East UP & Mumbai, MH, IN (+91 9892461347): 
“pranam guruji”

18) [14/12, 05:37 as per PST] Mr. Mohit Sharma – Panipat, HR, IN (+91 8929686619): 
“महाराज जी भगवान भागवत मे कहते है की मेरे आश्रित रहने वाले को मै कैवल्य मोक्ष देता हू लेकिन संतो का कहना है की वाल्मिकी जी तुलसीदास रुप मे आये,,शुकदेव जी नानक रुप मे आया,,अम्बरीष जी नामदेव बनकर आये– तो क्या पुनर्जन्म से छुटकारा नही मिलता?? ओर अगर हां तो ये सब संसार मे क्यो आऐ??”

19) [14/12, 18:22 as per PST] Engineer Mr. Rahul Kambhampati – Hyderabad, Telangana + Pune, MH, IN + Tennessee, USA (+91 9849789300): 
“My humble obeisances to Acharya Sri. A query from my side ” What does it mean not engaging oneself in the service of material modes?”

20) [14/12, 19:37 as per PST] Engineer Mr. Pratyush Mehrishi ‘Pushtimargiya’ — Mathura, West UP + Pune, MH, IN (‪+91 831 999 3638‬): 

21) [14/12, 19:40 as per PST] Mr. Utkarsh Sharma ‘Pushtimargiya’ — Bulandshahar, West UP & Pune, MH, IN (+91 9930693099): 

22) [14/12, 20:41 as per PST] Mr. Amar Deep Tiwari — Jaipur/Amer & Ajmer, Rajputana Region, RJ, IN (+91 9414003017): 

23) [14/12, 20:51 as per PST] Teacher Mrs. Rekha Tiwari ‘Saryuparin’– East UP & Mumbai, MH, IN (+91 9892461317): 

24) [15/12, 00:31 as per PST] Entrepreneur Director (Brand Sparrow) Mr. Shishir Katote R – Pune, MH, IN (+91 9765730977): 
“Hare Krishna. I have a question regarding Srila Prabhupada. 
I have seen that SP has spoken many things that are completely against sastras. We cannot keep saying he spoke many things just as a preaching strategy. Jiva Goswami openly admitted when he used such preaching strategy. SP never did. Off course, his guru bhakti was unshakable. But what I have realized is that he made an industry out of brahman bashing. How turning mlecchas into so called brahmanas relates to any preaching strategy? A pure devotee will never act in discord with scriptures. So can we say that SP was not a pure devotee and will in reality have to get his scriptural understanding straight for his own spiritual advancement in next lives? 
Also, can we consider the lineage of Bhaktivinode bonafide at all? Bhaktivinode seems to be a self taught guru. Also, Bhaktisiddhanta has been faulty with his understanding of varnasrama. It is so basic. He did not need any preaching strategy at that time. Bhaktisiddhanta also openly blasphemed Rupa Kaviraja and this trend has been adopted by ISKCON. In fact Rupa Kaviraja seems lot higher than Vishvanatha in scholarship. 
So in short, isn’t ISKCON as good as something like Ravi Shankar’s or Asaram Bapuji’s mission? Because ISKCON cannot be included in sampradaya at all. Because they have no philosophical agreement with 6 goswamis.
I also feel that ISKCON is a systematic cultural attack on Hinduism. They have removed the fundamentals like varnasrama, philosophy from bhakti. When they face an atrocity in Russia, they suddenly become Hindus. But as soon as the issue is solved, they again turn into non Hindu. They becomes Hindus while collecting donations. But they are not Hindus when white people become gurus. How Lord Krishna can be made a personal properly for mlecchas? One must become a vaisnava and then only claim to be a bhakta. 
Recently, the scholars like Sheldon Pollock have been working towards proving sanskrit being oppressive language. Same is being done by ISKCON. They totally undermine scholarship by calling it useless. They reduce bhakti to chanting and dancing, making our GV look like monkey gymnastics. What is the difference between Christianity and vaisnavism if GV is stripped off its fundamentals?
So, isn’t it needed that we Hindus come together and work towards dissembling ISKCON and throw it out of Bharat for protection of dharma?”

25) [15/12, 21:09 as per PST] Mr. Padmanabhan Sharma – Jaipur/Amer, Rajputana Region, RJ, IN (+91 9636512396):
“Pranam Guruji”

26) [16/12, 23:38 as per PST] ‪Mr. Kavi / Aryan Paladin — Srilankan Tamilian lands & Singapore (+65 9060 3615‬): 
“Thank you so much Acharya Sri for exposing your brilliant shastric exegesis and for exposing the crimes of the neo-gaudiya movements comprising of ISKCON & Gaudiya Maths against the True Siddhanta presented by the Shad Goswamis of the True Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya! 🙏🏼 Please accept our sincere pranaams! I hope to read your full commentaries on these Shastras someday.”

27) [17/12, 00:22 as per PST] Mr. Sankarshandas Adhikari – Gaudiya Mutt — Srilankan Tamilian lands & Singapore (+65 92731954): 
“Yes well written Acarya Sri. As far as I know, the orthodox Gaudiya Mutts, Stance Is clear in the sense that anyone outside of the Varna are not allowed to give mantra diksa or perform any deity worship or any other Vedic rites. Viswanath Chakaravati Thakur also writes in his Bhakti-sāra-pradarśinī on BRS 1.1.22 as follows –
“yogyatvam atra yāga adhikāritva svarūpam eva, na ca tādṛśa śvapacasya yāga-adhikāratve sa katham yogaṁ na karoti iti vācyam”
“A low-born out-caste, when initiated, becomes like a purified person, but this does not mean he is able to perform purificatory ceremonies such as initiation or deity installation etc.”
So I don’t understand dear Acarya Sri when you mentioned that he opposed the pro Vedic views established by Jiva Goswami, can you clarify on this.
“yasya yal laksanam prokto pmuso varnabhivyanjakam / yad anyatrapi drsyeta tat tenaiva vinirdiset ” 
If one shows the symptoms of being a brāhmaṇa, kṣatriya, vaiśya or śūdra, as described above, even if he has appeared in a different class, he should be accepted according to those symptoms of classification. ( Bhag 7.11.35 )
Visvanath Cakaravati Thakur commented on the above verse ; “If brahminical qualities are found in a person of another order, he should be respected as a brahmana, but he cannot claim to be a brahmana, as the Lord clearly states (in BG) ‘to follow another’s duty even perfectly is more dangerous than following one’s own imperfectly’.”
So based on my 2 postings in is clear that VCT assertion of Vedic varna is in line with Jiva Goswami so if you can clarify of these issues would be good.”

28) [17/12, 12:25 as per PST] Entrepreneur Director (Brand Sparrow) Mr. Shishir Katote R – Pune, MH, IN (+91 9765730977): 
“Jay ho Acarya Sri!! All glories!!”

29) [17/12, 18:40 as per PST] Mr. Kavi / Aryan Paladin — Srilankan Tamilian lands & Singapore (‪+65 9060 3615)‬: 
“It would be very helpful to know where BRVF’s diksha parampara comes from.”

30) [15/12, 20:10 as per PST] Mr. Kishor Pathak — Maharashtra, IN (+91 9890495045): 
“🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 श्री राम🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”

31) [15/12, 20:32 as per PST] Social Activist & Politician Madam Kavita Shivpuri ‘Kaul’ — BJP — Kashmir Valley, J&K + Mumbai, MH, IN (+91 7208078720): 


Section B — Replies from Bhakti-rasa-vedanta-pithadhishvara Gurupadacharya Shri-charana Radhakrishnadeva Munindravarya Amnaya-vacaspati Svami (Ramkrishna R Swami — BRVF — City & District of Anand, GJ + Vrindavan, MTJ, West UP, IN & Maha Shakti Ashram, City of Lodi, San Joaquin County, Northern CA, USA) —

श्रीरामकृष्णगौरहरि । shree-raama-krishna-gaurahari. अथ स्वस्ति श्री । atha svasti shree.

A) Towards Engineer Mr. Rahul Kambhampati —
“Relation between the progression in bhakti/devotion and the clearance of obstructions/anarthas is analyzed in the following analysis done by us earlier. Link is provided below.

B) Towards Mr. Kavi / Aryan Paladin —
“According to scriptures and tradition, those eligible to undergo Vaidika upanayanam-samskara are enumerated, clearly, hereunder —
Evidences –

(i) garbhāśtāme ‘bde kurvīta brāhmaṇasyopanāyanam / garbhādekādaśe rājño garbhāttu dvādaśe viśaḥ //
brahma-varcasa-kāmasya kāryaṁ viprasya pañcame / rajño balārthinaḥ ṣaṣṭhe vaiśyasyehārthino ‘aṣṭame //
āśoḍaṣād brāhmaṇasya sāvitrī-nātivartate / ādvāviṁśāt-kṣatrabandhorācaturviṁśaterviśaḥ //
ata ūrdhvaṁ trayo ‘pyete yathā-kālamasaṁskṛtāḥ / sāvitrī-patitā-vrātyā bhavantyārya-vigarhitāḥ //
naiterapūtairvidhivadāpadyapi hi karhicit / brahmānyaunañśca sambhandhānācared brāhmaṇaḥ saha //
“In the eighth year after conception*, one should perform the initiation (upanayana) of a Brāhmaṇa, in the eleventh after conception (that) of a Kṣatriya, but in the twelfth that of a Vaiśya. (The initiation) of a Brāhmaṇa who desires proficiency in sacred learning should take place in the fifth (year after conception), (that) of a Kṣatriya who wishes to become powerful in the sixth, (and that) of a Vaiśya who longs for (success in his) business in the eighth. The (time for the) Sāvitrī (initiation) of a Brāhmaṇa does not pass until the completion of the sixteenth year (after conception), of a Kṣatriya until the completion of the twenty-second, and of a Vaiśya until the completion of the twenty-fourth. After those (periods men of) these three (castes) who have not received the sacrament at the proper time, become Vratyas (outcasts), excluded from the Sāvitrī (initiation) and despised by the Āryans. With such men, if they have not been purified according to the rule, let no Brāhmaṇa ever, even in times of distress, form a connexion either through the Veda or by marriage.” Taken from Manu Smriti 2.36-40. 
(ii) “aṣṭame varṣe brāhmaṇamupanayed garbhāṣṭame vaikādaśe kṣatriyaṁ dvādaśe vaiśyam.”  – Taken from Āśvalāyana-gṛhya Sūtra 1.20
“In the eighth year i.e. in the eighth year after conception, a brāhmaṇa should be initiated (into the upanayanam) In the eleventh year, a kṣatriya and in the twelfth year, a vaiśya should undergo (the upanayanam).” – A.G.S. 1.20
Remarks — This rule is also referred by Gopāla Bhaṭṭa Gosvāmī in Sat-kriyā-sāra-dīpikā on page 119 of the PDF version regarding upanayanam saṁskāra. (*Eighth year after conception works out to be 7th year after birth.) 
(iii) “garbhāṣṭame aṣtame vā ‘bde brāhmaṇasyopanayaṁ kartavyam. tatra tadasambhave ṣoḍaśa-varṣa-paryyantamupanayanādhikāraḥ ataḥ-paraṁ sāvitrī-patito brāhmaṇo nopanetavya iti.” – S.K.S.D.

Remarks — Are mlecchas/yavanas mentioned as eligibles anywhere above?
As far as a bhagavad-bhakta born in an outcaste candala dogeater family is concerned, he is not entitled to conduct any Vedic rites as explained by Srila Jiva Gosvamipada in his Durgama-Sangamani Sanskrit commentary on Bhakti-rasa-amrita-sindhu 1.1.22 as under —
“brāhmaṇa kumārāṇām śaukre janmani durjātitva abhāve ‘pi savana aogyatvāya puṇya viśeṣa-maya sāvitra janma sāpekṣatvāt, tataś ca savana ayogyatv apratikūla durjāty ārambhakaṁ prārabhdham api gatam eva, kintu śīṣṭācāra abhāvat sāvitraṁ janma nāsti iti braḥmaṇa kumārāṇām savana yogyatv abhāvacchedaka puṇya-viśeṣamaya sāvitra janma apekṣāvad asya janmāntara apekṣā vartata iti bhāvaḥ. ataḥ pramāṇa vākye ‘pi s “savanāya kalpate” (ŚBMP 3.33.6 verse) sambhāvito bhavati, na tu tadaiva adhikārisyāt iti abhipretam.”

C) Towards Mr. Vasu —
“Pain is the result of vicious actions. Pleasure is an outcome of the virtuous acts. If  a soul reaches to the level of ‘naishkarmya’, he won’t undergo the experience of such duality.”

D)  Towards Madam Mrs. Kusum Verma —
“15th Chapter of Shreemad-bhagavad-geetaa known as Purushottama-yogah is read out loud near a dying person because, that chapter contains 6th verse – “…yad gatvaa na nivarttante tad dhaama paramam mama” — in which Bhagavaan asserts that anyone who reaches my dupreme abode never returns to this samsaara.”

E) Towards Er. Pratyush Mehrishi —
“सनातनधर्म के ह्रास को थामने का उपाय है उसके अन्दर व्याप्त विभिन्न मतमतान्तरों व उसके धर्माधिकारियों के आचरण की निरन्तर शास्त्रीया समालोचना का घटित होते रहना । ऐसे ह्रास को थामने की चेष्टा साधुजनों का महानतम कर्त्तव्य है । कलि को उसके स्वभावानुसार बरतने दे व स्वयं अपने स्वभावानुसार बरतें ।”

F) Towards College Student Mr. Mohit Sharma —
“वाल्मीकि के तुलसीदास के रूप में अवतरण की बात भविष्यपुराण में कथित हैं । शुकदेव के नानक व अम्बरीष के नामदेव के रूप में अवतरण का कोई शास्त्रीय आधार नहीं । अतः उस पर चर्चा ही व्यर्थ है । कैवल्य केवल सायुज्य मुक्ति वालों को मिलता है । प्रेमीभक्त तो भगवद्धाम में पार्षदतनु धारण कर भगवल्लीला में सेवारत होते हैं । भगवदिच्छा होने पर वें अपने विस्तारित अंश से लौकिक जगत् में पधार कर भगवद्भक्ति का प्रचार करते हैं ।”

G) Towards Engineer Mr. Rahul Kambhampati —
“Non-engagement in the triple modes of maayaa denotes parallel engagement in bhakti and acts favourable to the discharge of bhakti.”

H) Towards Entrepreneur Director Mr. Shishir Katote R —
“Any religious organization or spiritual master not in ideological alignment with scriptures and tradition — should be vehemently confuted in their attempts by refuting their ideology on the bases of scriptural proofs.”

I) Towards Mr. Sankarshandas Adhikari —
“Sri Visvanatha undertakes a dualistic approach. At times, he supports the conception of conventional Vedic varnasrama. On other occasions, he undermines the value of it by asserting the eligibility of a papa-yoni born candala bhakta to conduct all Vedic rites for which only a Vedic brahmana is entitled to conduct/officiate. The English translation of BRS 1.2.22’s Bhakti-saara-pradarshini as done by the ex-ISKCONite neo-Gaudiya HH Krishna-balarama Svami of Bhagavat Dharma Samaj and as cited by you is thoroughly wrong. Any person knowing little Sanskrit can detect it easily. Kindly refer to ISKCONite neo-Gaudiya Bhanu’s translation instead for a literal linguistic precision. Commentary on BRS 1.1.22 is in thorough contravention with the commentary of Sri Jiva on BRS 1.1.22 & Srila Baladeva’s commentary on the Apasudradhikaranam section in Brahma-sutra.”

J) Towards Mr. Kavi / Aryan Paladin —
“BRVF’s diksa-parampara, originally, hails from the Advaita-acarya Parivara (Shri Krishna Mishra Prabhu’s line).”

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