YouTube videos of Bhakti-rasa-vedanta-pithadhishvara Gurupadacharya Shricharana (Ramkrishna Swami Ji) – Pt. 1.1.8




Specific link to the current video –


1st Day (31st March 2016) of the Shrimad-bhagavata-katha in Deoria (Gorakhpur, UP, Bharata) – Hindi Discourse – Clip 8. Speaker – Bhaktirasavedantapithadhishvara Gurupadacharya Shricharana (Ramkrishna Swami Ji) of BRVF.


Specific subjects of this particular video clip –


  1. A) Foolishness exposed of those who consider old age suitable for the performance of bhakti-yoga.


  1. B) Example of Lord Ramachandra given to emphasize the principle of tapasya/austerity in the very youth.


  1. C) The principle and eternal duty of all jivas/living entities is to do bhakti. All other actions are temporary and secondary.


  1. D) The etymological growth and the definition of the term ‘saṁsāra’ shown.


  1. E) A good notion to be imported into the Vedic culture from the Mleccha culture.


  1. F) “pyāsī akhiyana ko terā daraśana mila jāye……” song sung by Singer Vinod Shukla.


  1. G) Five fruits obtained from the attentive aural reception to Śrīmad-bhagavatam. ‘Sarva-saṁśaya-nivṛtti’ discussed as the first result.



Duration – 16 minutes & 33 seconds


Digital space – around 1.97 GB


Hosts — Retd. Prof. Mr. Devendramani Tripathi Ji and Mr. Harendramani Tripathi Ji (Deoria). –


Courtesy for uploading the above video on YouTube –

Miss Shivani Bharadwaj (Stockton, CA, USA)




Posted by the Secretariat of BRVF (Anand, Gujarat, Bharata & Lodi, CA, USA)




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