YouTube videos of Bhakti-rasa-vedanta-pithadhishvara Gurupadacharya Shricharana (Ramkrishna Swami Ji) – Pt. 1.1.7




Specific link to the current video –


1st Day (31st March 2016) of the Shrimad-bhagavata-katha in Deoria (Gorakhpur, UP, Bharata) – Hindi Discourse – Clip 7. Speaker – Bhaktirasavedantapithadhishvara Gurupadacharya Shricharana (Ramkrishna Swami Ji) of BRVF.


Specific subjects of this particular video clip –


  1. A) Melodious singing of ‘Shri Krishna Govinda Hare Murare’ & “Radhe Radhe Radhe” etc. by Singer Mr. Vinod Shukla


  1. B) Discussion on the non-difference between the God and His Holy Name. Holy Name includes the narrations of Lord’s pastimes i.e. Bhagavata & Ramayana Kathas.


  1. C) The fact that the Holy Name contains superior power than God Himself is substantiated by citing an anecdote from Ramayanam.


  1. D) Difference of ‘lenient eligibility’ and ‘restricted eligibility’ as seen during the comparison between the Vedic paths of karma-kanda, jnana-kanda and upasana-kanda with the bhakti-yoga.


  1. E) Example shown to illustrate the point that all names are ontologically distinct from the actual substances they indicate in this mundane existence. But, such is not the case with God’s Name.


  1. F) The extreme rarity of obtaining the birth of an Aryan in the human body. The practice of devotion should be commenced, thus, from the very childhood.




Duration – 16 minutes & 33 seconds


Digital space – 1.97 GB


Hosts — Retd. Prof. Mr. Devendramani Tripathi Ji and Mr. Harendramani Tripathi Ji (Deoria). –


Courtesy for uploading the above video on YouTube –

Miss Shivani Bharadwaj (Stockton, CA, USA)




Posted by the Secretariat of BRVF (Anand, Gujarat, Bharata & Lodi, CA, USA)

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