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1st Day (31st March 2016) of the Shrimad-bhagavata-katha in Deoria (Gorakhpur, UP, Bharata) – Hindi Discourse – Clip 5. Speaker – Bhaktirasavedantapithadhishvara Gurupadacharya (Ramkrishna Swami Ji) of BRVF.


Specific subjects of this particular video clip –

A) The logical reason behind the establishment of varnashrama (within the traditional followers of Vedic culture), primarily, on the basis of birth by giving the reason of ‘inclination/nature’ (and the actions + qualities based on such nature/inclination) generally and mostly sprouting from the type of seminal family background which has remain immersed in a particular hereditary/ancestrally done typical occupational activity befitting any one of the four varnas (viz., brahmana, kshatriya, vaishya, shudra).

B) How the Englishmen/Britishers devised a plan to make the soul of Bharata-varsha subordinate to the Western culture by attacking the Vedic Gurukula education system and by demoralizing and demeaning the traditional system of Vedic birth-based varnashrama.

C) ‘varnashramacharavata purushena parah puman’ verse of Vishnu-purana explained and the execution of ‘varnashrama-dharma’ ascertained as the ‘samanya-dharma’ or the ordinary form of religion.

D) Whilst, bhagavad-bhakti-yoga (the devotional fervour dedicated to Bhagavan Shri Hari) ascertained as the ‘parama-dharma’ (ultimately highest form of religion) of all jivas (living beings).

E) “prabhu ji meri laagi lagana mata todana” – Hindi devotional song sung in between by Singer Vinod Shukla and his team.

F) The nine-fold devotional acts of bhakti (navadha-bhakti) explained in synopsis as practical examples of parama-dharma.

G) Sharanagati (full surrender unto Lord) explained by citing the example of Valmikiya-ramayanam when Lord Rama accepts Vibhishana as His surrendered devotee.

H) Difference shown between the ‘promise/pledge’ given by Yadavendra Krishna and Raghavenda Rama.


Duration – 16 minutes & 36 seconds


Digital space – 1.97 GB


Hosts — Retd. Prof. Mr. Devendramani Tripathi Ji and Mr. Harendramani Tripathi Ji (Deoria). –


Courtesy for uploading the above video on YouTube –

Mrs. Prabha Mishra Bharadwaj & Miss Shivani Bharadwaj (Stockton, CA, USA)




By the Secretariat of BRVF (Anand, Gujarat, Bharata & Lodi, CA, USA)

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