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1st Day (31st March 2016) of the Shrimad-bhagavata-katha in Deoria (Gorakhpur, UP, Bharata) –  Hindi Discourse – Clip 4. Speaker – Bhaktirasavedantapithadhishvara Gurupadacharya (Ramkrishna Swami Ji) of BRVF.


Specific subjects of this particular video clip –


  1. A) Explanation of Shrimad-bhagavatam 2.2.34 verse and the establishment of the panchama-purushartha-bhagavat-prema as the ultimate objective by superseding the inferior four purusharthas. Discussion on how Lord Brahma ascertained divine love for Shri Hari as the ultimate conclusion of the Four Vedas.


  1. B) Satisfaction of Bhagavan Shri Hari upon karmayogis’ execution of varnashrama-dharma on the basis of Padma-purana.


  1. C) Justification of the primarily birth-based and secondarily action/nature/attributes-based system of varnashrama (karmana gaunatah; janmana mukhyatah) on scientific basis and a simultaneous analysis of the forced inclusion of the varnashrama system, though in a perverted way, in the western civilization.


  1. D) Discussion on how the Vedic culture was sidelined in Bharata due to the inferiority complex injected into the Aryan mind by the occidentals (mlecchas/yavanas).


  1. E) The relevance of the shudras shown by considering shudra-varna as representing the feet of God’s universal form. But, the ultimate par-excellence of the brahmana-varna shown by giving the analogy of the impossibility of a human body’s survival without the organ ‘head/brain’.


  1. D) Exceptional examples of Rahu-Ketu and Barbarika given to illustrate the point as to how a person can survive with a disconnected head and body.


  1. E) Compulsory necessity of all the four classes of humans (four varnas) shown in all civilizations, irrespective whether oriental or occidental.


  1. F) Logical reason given to solidly support the ‘primarily birth based’ varnashrama system.


Duration – 16 minutes & 29 seconds

Digital space – 1.97 GB

Hosts — Retd. Prof. Mr. Devendramani Tripathi Ji and Mr. Harendramani Tripathi Ji (Deoria).


  • Secretariat of BRVF

(Anand, Gujarat, Bharata & Lodi, CA, USA)

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