अध्यात्म का पहला नियम / Basic rule of spirituality —




महापुरुषों की प्रज्ञा भी शास्त्रानुगा ही होनी चाहिये, अन्यथा वे विमोहित ही माने जायेंगे । तब फिर साधारण लोक के पक्ष में तो शास्त्रानुगा बुद्धि होना अति अनिवार्य है । जिसकी शास्त्रानुगा बुद्धि नहीं, वही लोक व परमार्थ के विषय में सम्मोहित माना जाता है । कहीं भी शास्त्रों में ये नहीं कहा कि ‘संसारी प्राणी का मायाबद्ध मन जहाँ पर आकर्षित हो वही सच्चे अध्यात्म या धर्म की पहचान है’! बल्कि उलटा कहा गया है कि ‘बुद्धि/विवेक/मति/प्रज्ञा शास्त्रानुगामिनी होनी चाहिये एवं  श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता के अनुसार तो ऐसी बुद्धि के अनुगत मन/हृदय होना चाहिये! प्रमाण – श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता १६.२३-२४ व श्रीमहाभारत १.१.२४४  (“येषां शास्त्रानुगा बुद्धिः ते न मुह्यन्ति कश्चन” अर्थात् जिसकी बुद्धि शास्त्रानुगामिनी होती है, वह व्यक्ति परमार्थ/अध्यात्म/धर्म के पथ पर कदापि मोहित  नहीं होता ।) ।


Even the intellect of great saintly personalities should be abiding with the scriptures, or else, even they will be perceived as bewildered. If so, such an alignment with the scriptures is wholly mandatory in the context of common folks. One whose intellect fails to align with the scriptures is deemed as a bewildered one both in spirituality and in mundane sphere.


Nowadays, many spiritual seekers claim that whatever (organization/institution, guru/master and sect/path) suits their mental interest or whatever appeals to their hearts, they will consider that particular path, sect, master, and religious institution to be authentic. But, such ideology has been rejected by Maharṣi Vedavyāsa – the most important preceptor of whole Sanātana-dharma. Rather, scriptures like Śrīmad-bhagavad-gītā clearly assert that the mind/heart needs to remain under the guidance of intelligence and that intelligence needs to remain under the guidance of scriptures. Evidence – Śrīmadbhagavadgītā 16.23-24 and Śrīmahābhārata 1.1.244 (“yesāṁ śāstrānugā buddhiḥ te na muhyanti kaścana” or “those whose intellect is in alignment with the scriptural injunctions – they never get bewildered on the spiritual/religious path of enlightenment.”).


The fundamental reason to follow scriptures is because Sanātana-dharma is made manifest by Supreme God Śrī Hari Himself. Sanātana-dharma is never a product of human being.  Evidence – “dharmaṁ tu sākṣāt bhagavat-praṇītam” (Śrīmad-bhāgavatam 6.3.19) meaning “Dharma or religion is directly produced by God”. It is not man-made and hence, no question of public opinion arises in regards to Dharma. Therefore, no question of the opinion of common beings – comes here. No room for democracy (in the form of vox populi) here. Neither anarchy in the form disobedience to scriptures. Rather, only monarchy or autocracy exists in the form of the scriptures like Vedas, Purāṇas, Upaniṣads, Śrīmad-bhagavad-gītā and Mūla-rāmāyaṇam along with Pāñcarātrāgama etc. These scriptures are, too, made manifest by God Hari and this is asserted even in the Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upaniṣad – “asya mahato bhūtasya niḥśvasitametadyadṛgvedo yajurvedaḥ  sāmavedo ‘tharvāṅgirasaḥ…”.


When people become sentimental about spirituality and religion – by not taking a rational approach towards spirituality and religion – they will not listen to scriptures and real gurus.

When we are hypnotized by someone, we just see his charming sides – in religion – same thing. But, a truly honest person not wanting to cheat himself will see and analyze both sides, since spirituality is not a joke.


On the path of religion and spirituality, ideological deviance is not treated any less serious than the moral deviance of the spiritualist. Hence, even if moral deviance is not present within the master/guru, the ideological deviance needs to be verified in the light of the scriptures and tradition.




— Bhaktirasavedāntapīṭhādhīśvara Ācārya-śrī Gurupāda

Link to the above essay — https://goo.gl/LrXqlW

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