[06/03 18:45] Harikirtanadasa BSGG — SCSM — Mauritius:

Today is a really maṅgala day for Ācārya Śrī has initiated the Harināmamṛta Vyākaraṇa topic. I personally feel eternally very happy for it is through Śrī Hari’s blessings that he made Ācārya Śrī’s to cross our path and though his kṛpa we are hoping to cross a very huge ocean of Vyākaraṇa. We have set forth on a life-long journey of sanskrit grammar through the guidance of Ācārya Śrī who has an impeccable grasp of Sanskrit (seen from his various written articles and video-lectures).

Normally, without a sound knowledge of sanskrit nuances, one shall always be stuck and never get to taste the gems that exist in our literature such as kāvyā, music, pūrvācāryas’ ṭīkā etc.

So, in this respect, to begin this wonderful journey – let us pray-to-and-thank Ācārya Śrī whose grace has befallen on destitute like us who has been thirsty for real nectar/gems like the ones he usually gives away happily, for in Kaliyuga it is nearly hard to find a genuine spiritual master who can guide us on the satya mārga and at the same time connects us to the realm of Śrī Hari, Śrī Rādhā-Rāni and Śrī Kṛṣṇa.

oṁ ajñānatimirāndhasya jñānāñjanaśalākayā ।
cakṣurunmīlitaṁ yena tasmai śrīgurave namaḥ ॥

Thank you to Ācārya Śrī who has selflessly sheltered destitute like us, esp., those who are genuinely interested to cross over away from the world of ignorance. It is indeed some blessing of Śrī Hari whose kṛpā has brought us at the feet of Ācārya Śrī and who from time to time keeps on working to open our eyes.

[06/03 18:52] Harikirtanadasa BSGG — SCSM — Mauritius:

Suggestive Request:

Since the learning of sanskrit also (comes with and ) incorporates the different meters (prosody), here’s a suggestion:  Especially for the Harināmamṛta Vyākaraṇa (henceforth HNV) ślokas which are composed in the various meters, it would be nice and subsequently very much appreciated should the sanskrit verses be also chanted in their respective meters too and be sent on this Whatsapp.

Already since Whatsapp allows the recording of voice. So the chanting-and-recording of those sanskrit śloka of HNV would be very nice. We’d also be exposed to the various anuṣṭubhādi meters this way and would get to know how to chant the same.

[06/03 18:57] आचार्यश्री: गुरूपादाः:

Dear Harikirtanadasa Ji (HH BSGG — SCSM, Mauritius Islands),

sri-rama-krsna-gaurahari. Your good self’s requests are noted and shall be implemented as per the circumstantial convenience. Many of your proclamations are very accurate on a rational substratum.

— Bhaktirasavedantapithadhisvara

[06/03 19:10] Harikirtanadasa BSGG — SCSM — Mauritius:


The article of Brahman, Para-Brahma, Paramātma etc., was a real eye-opener and without Ācārya Śrī’s blessings, we would never get to decode through so many meanings without a guru’s guide (no wonder the guru is praised to be the dispeller of ignorance and feeder of knowledge).

Still, some questions (from general viewpoint) linger.

If permission is given, I would like to ‌ask some questions to further be clarified on some stances related within the same purview.

[06/03 19:11] आचार्यश्री: गुरूपादाः:

An inquisitive as you is unconditionally permitted to ask queries.

[06/03 19:16] Harikirtanadasa BSGG — SCSM — Mauritius:

To gurudeva Ācārya Śrī:

If you go to the other Whatsapp tab i.e., not in the group, but if you click on my name in your Whatsapp contact – you’d see there I had ask a question pertaining to the same topic (more or less related) some days ago. The question pertains to the various epithets of the absolute and somehow “para-brahma” is used to address God as the Unknown when isn’t this nomenclature meant for Brahmā?

[06/03 21:48] आचार्यश्री: गुरूपादाः: Dear Harikirttanadasa Ji, (Mauritius Islands – ancestors originally from Gujarat state of British India almost few centuries back),

a) The term ‘brahma’ as used in Upaniṣads and other Vedic literature indicates the Absolute Reality which is itself the most grand and has the innate capacity to make others grand (“bṛhati bṛmhayati ca iti brahma”), as well – thus, indicating the stage of ‘brahma-sādṛśya’ or ‘brahma-sadharmakatā/sādharmya’ (acquiring a similar status to that of the brahma – not fully ditto, though, otherwise, the following passage of Śvetāśvataropaniṣad will be contradicted – “…na tat-samaścābhyadhikaśca dṛśyate…” or that “no one is equal to or higher than this brahma”) as indicated by Śrīmad-bhagavad-gītā 14.2 (“…mama sādharmyam āgatāḥ…” or “…those jīvas come to a similar state as mine – after liberation..”) and the Taittirīyopaniṣad (“…so ‘śnute sarvān kāmān saha brahmaṇā vipaścitā…” or “…that jīva enjoys all his desires along with the brahma – after liberation…”) verses.

Proof of the etymological growth of the term brahma in the Vedāntic context –

Viṣṇu-mahāpurāṇa 1.12.57 (in the version containing Śrīla Śrīdharasvāmipāda’s Sanskrit commentary) and 1.12.55 in the version containing the Viṣṇucittīyam Sanskrit commentary of Rāmānuja Sampradāya –

“bṛhattvād bṛhmaṇattvāc ca yad rūpaṁ brahma-sañjñitam…” or “that is the Absolute Reality (brahma) which is grand in itself and can make others grand, too…”.

b) As far as the designation of Lokapitāmaha Brahmā (Grandfather Brahmā) is concerned, he is, certainly, not the Absolute Reality or brahma of the Vedānta. Brahma is, only, Śrī Hari. But, because, Lord Brahmā is the eldest creature in any particular universe or brahmāṇḍa, he is considered as ‘grand’ or Brahmā due to his seniority in comparison to other jīvas dwelling in that universe.

c)  An assertion is found in Atharvaveda’s Gopathabrāhmaṇa – “parokṣa-priyā iva hi devā bhavanti pratyakṣa-dviṣaḥ” meaning “the gods desire indirect eulogy (description) and are not desirous of direct praise (depiction)”. That is why the śrutis (upaniṣads) mostly state the foremost confidential truth indirectly. Therefore, śrutis or Upaniṣads prefer to use an indirect epithet to designate Śrī Hari i.e. brahma.

— Bhaktirasavedāntapīṭhādhīśvara Ācārya Śrī Gurupāda

[06/03 21:52]Harikirtanadasa BSGG — SCSM — Mauritius:

Thank you for the answer. However I need time to sit and digest (and makes notes, something which I do) what you have shared as Your write-ups require deep contemplation, given the grandeur of your calibre.

I shall get back to you in case of doubts. Thank you so much…I feel so elated to receive answers from an authentic spiritually-evolved-soul who is also knower of brahma-jñāna (i.e., implying the knower of the vedas).

[06/03 22:07] Harikirtanadasa BSGG — SCSM — Mauritius:

It is sad to see the pathetic state of the Hindus here…There is so many divisions and genuine spirituality is lacking here. Hence  this is why I considered it to be no less of the āśīrvāda of Śrī Hari who made us to cross path.

…And today, by some unknown invisible power I am getting to taste the nectar of spirituality…something which is certainly neither found in my small (and downgraded) country, nor on the Internet as most of the scriptures published online (coming from the lines of the late A.C. Prabhupāda and his followers i.e., the whites – although they have translated-and-documented a lot of the scriptural work yet) they are translated/written in a biased way while hiding the many truths, like one such example is (to which you also had spoken of some days) – where they (sadly) covered/camouflaged/hid Śrī Śaṅkarācārya (and his teachings) with the layer of buddhism and māyāvāda.  I personally reject such allegations and feel this is being done out of sheer ignorance (if not jealousy) for I have personally studied his works (viveka-cuḍamaṇi, his many stotras etc.) and his teachings is parcel of the same God to whom we owe our origins and is a GREAT means to sail through this saṁsāra.

So thank you gurudeva, once again… I wish you could know how delighted I am to get to interact from you. Keep pouring in the nectar… and sincere-seekers like myself will surely come to drink this, for such knowledge is supreme and frees one from worldly miseries and takes one to a different *realm* (lofty) in his perception and closer to God.

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