Asha Dwivedi


A crucial conversation.



Prof. Mrs. Asha Dwivedi Ji (Varanasi/Kashi/Benares City, East UP & Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai, MH, IN):


“Is there any difference with the   philosophical ideology  of
ISKCON and BRVF? I would like to know. I was also connected  for many years. Was not satisfied with theories given by them. They only allow to read only Prabhupada’s book. Even Upanishads, also, they consider Mayavada. I also asked many times but could not get the appropriate  answer.
I am doing PhD. on Vedic knowledge and am Professor in a college in Mumbai.”

आचार्यश्री: गुरूपादाः (Ācārya Śrī Gurupāda) –


“Parrots don’t have answer except the repetition they have memorized. These parrots live in opulent golden cages built for them by industrialists. They themselves are full of Mayavada. Additionally, we have shown in our  analysis as to how their own ideology is replete with Mayavada. Furthermore, they even don’t know the technical definition of Mayavada.”


Prof. Mrs. Asha Dwivedi Ji (Varanasi/Kashi/Benares City, East UP & Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai, MH, IN):


“Acarya Sri! Mere  chanting of Mahamantra can connect with that absolute  or it is just primary  stage of devotional  path? Meditation is higher taste of bhakti? A krishna-bhakta can worship Lord Shiva? If not why? I have seen people chanting talking doing work.
Is it really aparadha? Kindly clear my doubts by giving example.”


आचार्यश्री: गुरूपादाः:


“A) Chanting of Mahamantra is done both on the level of sadhana and sadhya. On the level of sadhana-bhakti, it is sadhana. On the level of pema-bhakti, it is sadhya.

B) Of course, meditation is the highest stage. Otherwise, Srila Sanatana Gosvamipada would not have scolded Madanamohana Ji when He was demanding salt from Sanatana by appearing out from the deity. Sanatana preferred to not give salt to the demanding Bhagavan Madanamohana and, rather continue with his manasika dhyanam of svarasiki lilas via his siddha-deha.

C) A krsna-bhakta can worship Shiva provided he considers Shambhu a vaishnava-shiromani. Shrila Sanatana Gosvamipada was an ardent worshipper of Shiva like Chakreshvara, Gopishvara and Vanakhandeshvara Shivalingas situated in various venues of Vraja. Vanakhandeshvara appeared as a shiva-lingam in Vrindavan to merely bless Shri Sanatana Gosvami.

D) After ascending the path of bhakti and becoming acquainted with the process of nama-sadhana, if a person continues to take Holy Name without concentrating on it, it constitutes the tenth offense unto the holy Name as enumerated in the Padmapurana.

E) For a sadhaka, meditation is more blissful than the kirttanam. For a siddha, both are equally felicitous. Shrila Sanatana Gosvamipada, though nitya-siddha Lavanga Manjari sakhi in nitya-Vraja-lila, was enacting the role of a sadhaka during his advent in the prakata-gaura-lila.”

Prof. Asha Dwivedi — Varanasi & Kalamboli, MH:


“Thanks, Acarya Sri. Now I’m fully satisfied.”


Link of the Facebook account to said Professor Ms. Asha Dwivedi —


  • Info Dept. of BRVF

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