Eye-opening message for today —

A) Because, Siva, Brahma and Indra — all three were defeated against His might, Sri Hari reigns as Supreme among all Gods. Vedas mention Agni as the lowest God and Visnu as the foremost.

B) Krsna and Rama are eternally existing in Saketa, Goloka, Ayodhya and Vraja. Only They descend in this world for प्रकट-लीला on some particular occasions. Originally, these are recorded facts in Gopalatapanyupanisad of Atharvaveda & Radhikatapanyupanisad + Ramatapanyupanisad + Sitopanisad of the Vajasaneyi branch of the Sukla Yajurveda and other Vedic corollaries.

C) Puranas have been considered as the Fifth Veda.

D) Sri Krsna, before His advent on the Earth in past Dvapara Yuga, was worshipped by King Ambarisa in Ayodhya in Satya Yuga. Sri Radha was worshipped much earlier by King Suyayjna in Treta Yuga. This is recorded in Padma & Brahma-vaivartta-Puranas.

E) Vedavyasa has just edited the lost tradition of Four Vedas and the Fifth Veda i.e.  Puranas. All Five Vedas are eternal. This has been substantiated in Skanda Purana. According to Brahma Purana, all Five Vedas were manifest originally from the exhalation of Mahavisnu. Later, they again emanated from the four mouths of Brahma. When, in the end of Dvapara, the tradition of Vedas and Puranas was hampered, Lord Narayana Himself descended to mortal platform in the form of Vyasa. Parasara Muni has substantiated this fact in Visnu Purana.

F) The original scriptures of Sanatanadharma are as eternal as the dharma itself. But, the discoveries of science keep on mutating in such a way that old discoveries are discarded as not bona fide. Just as Darwin’s and many more theories have been discarded now. But, here, in Sanatanadharma, the conventionally carried on factual beliefs are consistent without any alteration.

G) Moreover, the rsis or sages revealing various hymns of the Vedas have not been considered as their composers, but merely as revealers of the eternally existing Vedic statements. Just as sun sets and rises but it does not tantamount to sun’s manufacturing and destruction, similarly the five Vedas become manifest and non-manifest at certain timely junctures.

H) Very clearly stated in Upanisads, Puranas and Gita that These bhagavatsvarupas like Rama, Krsna etc. are eternally residing in Their divine abodes in the divine sky and, also, in Their abodes in the mundane sky, but, They manifest Themselves on Earth (mundane world) only at certain timely junctures in mundane time during Their प्रकट-लीला.

I) To question conventional Vedic beliefs is a product of Westernized educational system intoduced in Bharata by Occidental McCaulay and other cow-eater mlecchas during British rule of Bharata. Later on, some heterodox institutions like Arya-samaja, too, followed in the footsteps of McCaulay and Max Mueller.

J) Rather, we traditionalists follow our classical acaryas of Sanatanadharma and their age old orthodox traditions. Many new sceintific researches and sceintific principles have already been mentioned in Vedic literature long before these today’s so-called researches were made, thus proving the authenticity of Vedas in a skeptical mind of a dubious!

K) Occidentals are now interested in learning Vedic mathematics because, they have been fedup with their western mathematics. Books regarding Vedic mathematics are high on sale in the market. Moreover, the whole world has realized the benefits of Ayurveda over Allopathy, Homeopathy, Reiki & Yunani Hakimi. Ayurveda is a corollary of the Vedas.

L) Interpretation of the original texts of Sanatanadharma is done contextually by taking hexagonal or six-fold criteria of interpretation like उपक्रम, उपसंहार, अपूर्वता, फल etc. These constitute the oriental art of hermeneutics. Any interpretation of these Sanatani texts not in conformity with this hexagonal criteria is spelled out as non-scriptural. Hermeneutics is the philosophy and methodology of textual interpretation, especially of the sacred religious texts. The Vedic texts are interpreted by a method called षड्लिङ्गतात्पर्यनिर्णय. In classical Agama texts like Ahirbudhnya-samhita, the full art of obtaining and operating various divine weapons like the Brahmastra, Pasuparastra etc. has been depicted, thus proving that these weapons were in existence long before the discovery of modern nuclear weapons. Ramayanam and Mahabharata are substantiating these facts.

Conclusion —

Oriental knowledge of Sanatanadharma has been replete and perfect in itself without needing any ventilator support. It’s not altering or mutating as how the modern Occidental sceintific researches are. Neither its tampered like how the original Abrahamic sacred texts such as Bible & Quran have been changed on multifarious occasions by now.

— Bhaktirasavedantapithadhisvara Acarya Sri Gurupada

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