Audio lecture series numbered two –


Venue – ISKCON VISA Building at Tripureshwar in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Host – Patridas Vancari (Ukraine & Nepal)


Speaker – BRVF’s Ācārya Śrī RKDS ‘ĀV’ Gurupāda aka Mr. Ramkrishna R. Swami – then known as Radhakṛṣṇadāsa Brahmacārī(GKG).


Language(s) – Hindi & English


Type/Category  –  Interactive (questions and answers) session.


Duration – 1 hour, 36 minutes & 26 seconds.


Subject – Clarification on Śrīmad-bhagavad-gitā 18.55


Date – Thursday, 26th September, 2013 AD


Links –


For downloading –


For hearing online –

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