Additional clarification —

A) Raganuga sadhana-bhakti is, certainly, not bound by certain unfavourable rules of vaidhi sadhana-bhakti like dvaraka-mahishi-dhyanam and dvaraka-tapta-mudra-dharanam etc. as mentioned by Srila Visvanatha Chakravartti in his Ragavartmacandrika. But, the Raganuga path is, for sure, governed by its own rules and prohibitions. The example given in RVC of SVCT regarding how a greedy person wanting to acquire the milk of a cow will properly follow a method of first procuring a cow etc. is a quite relevant indication for raga-margis.

B) The ‘shravanotkirttanadini vaidhibhaktyuditani tu / yani angany tanyeva…//’ verse of BRS of Sri Rupa states that most of the 64 limbs of bhakti described during the vaidhi sadhana-bhakti process are also the limbs of raganuga sadhana-bhakti with a slight variation as indicated in SVCT’s Madhurya Kadambini.

C) The import of SBMP 10.87.40 & SBMP 11.11.32 is not a denial of the regulations and prohibitions mentioned in the texts elucidating raganuga bhakti. Rather, it is a denial of the application of the rules of jnana-marga, karma-marga etc. within the bhakti-marga. Even many rules of vaidhi bhakti are not applicable in raga-marga and vice versa.

— Bhaktirasavedantapithadhisvara Acarya Sri Gurupada

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