1. Good ! Now the question is HOW to save the Holy Land of Bharat Varsha from the ever increasing Abrahamic faiths that have taken root in this holy earth ? What are you doing to revert them to the original Sanatana Dharma ? How many Muslims, Jews and christian have you reverted ? At least Arya Samaj is preaching (eg Pandit Mahendra Pal) and has brought back many Muslims. but how much are the present day Gaudiya Vaishnavs doing ?


  2. Kindly enter the domain of Gauḍīya Vaiṣnavism (ISKCON etc.) and you will find your answer. Practical reality doesn’t need any vocal assertion. Kindly ponder over the vast quantity of Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇavas coming from mleccha countries and there you will find your answer. Hare Kṛṣṇa.

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  3. Jai Nitai ! i was in ISKCON for 12 years. So i know all. My question clearly pertained to Bharat Varsha and not western countries. i want in terms of concrete number – how many of the Abrahamic faith has the Goudiya Vaishnavs reverted. There is speedy proliferation of these faiths in North East like Arunachal , Nagaland, Mizoram. Is there any GV centre in these states ? If not, why not ? Pl dont talk to me about Manipur. That is already a Hindu majority state.


  4. Seems like you’ve made alot of assumptions about the “pagan” tradition based on how they are presented by western authorities who come from a more or less christian backround that had/has a vested interest in showing
    the cultural supremacy of the abrahamic religions ie Judaism/Christianity/Islam all of which are fairly philosophically intolerant of coexisting with other religious doctrines. While I am sure you are well versed in Gaudiya philosophy I highly doubt you are that versed in any of the other philosophies what to speak of the ancient pagan philosophies whom if we are to accept the vedic line of thinking have their roots in one way or another in vedic culture and thinking. Therefore it seems to me this article is a largely sectarian waste of time.


  5. Dear Nrsimhapali,

    It seems that rather you have assumed a lot about our original essay commented upon. If you feel that there are numerous assumptions made about Abrahamic faiths in our essay, kindly point them out by citing the textbooks of Abrahamic faiths. As far as your argument that our essay extolling the par-excellent glory of Sanatana Dharma is a sectarian waste of time, our answer is that Sanatana Dharma is never sectarian because it is the most natural and beginningless/endless religion directly arising from Sri Hari. Whereas, other Abrahamic faiths are sectarian which have merely rose on the worldly horizon since past few thousand years. So, kindly update your wrong knowledge.


    BRVF’s President and Mentor

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  6. Interesting article, but you’re being verbose. If you had shortened the title to: “The Differences Between Vedic dharma and the Abrahamic Faiths”, that would have been sufficient.

    “Essential truth spoken concisely is true eloquence.” – Cc Adi 1.106


  7. Basically, ISKCONites reject pagans, who are far closer to rudimentary hinduism than others, but seem to glorify Jesus, who has no relation to Vedanta. And what’s with the false dichotomy between “Shankarites” and “Vaishnavites”? Adi Shankara and his followers were vaishnavas themselves. Advaita is a philosophy, Vaishnava identifies the supreme god as vishNu, who is followed by any of advaita, vishishtadvaita and dvaita.

    Sorry, Paganism is closer to a nAstika darshana and hence can be held in higher regard than abrahamic faiths. There is a lot wrong in this article. For further clarification, this blog helps – http://www.narayanastra.blogspot.in

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    1. When the said article was composed, author was an institutional follower of ISKCON. Now, he is, ideologically, separated from ISKCON’s philosophy. This article, nevertheless, was intended to clarify the misunderstanding in the Abrahamic minds who treat the idolatry of Hinduism on par with the pre-Islamic Pagans. Hope this article is appreciated in its true perspective. Meanwhile, it would do better for your good self to give your WhatsApp number to be added to our spiritual group BRVF. Thank you.

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